Saturday, February 18, 2012

potty bound

These days Claire is fascinated with the big girl potty. She follows us in, and wants to sit on her potty whenever she can.
Lately she has been pulling her pants down before sitting.

Here she has chosen some reading material as she waits...
we have yet to have any action on the potty, but have spent lots of time there.

I also hate to admit that her poor skin is really bad this winter and her eczema is flaring up and dry as ever.
About 3 times a day we are stripping her down to lather her with lotion.
Since she is so chubby, and has big 'ol hamhocks, her cloth diaper liners have been chafing her skin.
ugh... I am totally devoted to my cloth, and will never go back. But for now...I have to do some research on the best
cloth for sensitive skin. And if baby#2 is anything like Claire, I better prepare early.
Our search for soft, dry skin friendly cloth diapers begins.
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