Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bathing these beauties in my parents tub... Reminiscing my own baths in the same tub.

Monday, April 15, 2013


We have a little neighbor names Dassah. She is one year older than Claire and they are literally obsessed with each other. We recently got a screen door on our back door so we can enjoy the fresh air this summer and with the warm weather we have had the past week we have spent almost all day, everyday outside. So every time Claire is outside on our deck she now yells "DASSAH come up and play!" As 2 and 3 year olds go... The first 15-20 minutes they are happy and playing and sharing and then boom... "That's mine!" So for a short while, it's heaven. Then it's over. But they sure are cute during those first moments together.

This past weekend I was told my multiple people, "I have been checking your blogs and there have been no updates!" I am sorry. I have been neglecting them, as well as my big fancy camera. I haven't picked it up since Christmas. It is just so much easier to use my phone and now that I have a blogger app on my phone I will try really hard to keep it updated! I didn't even realize my Disney photos never loaded onto the blog! I will work on this :)
For now, here are a few from Jimmie cone last night!


We were SO blessed to be able to visit disney with our amazing family. Everyone pitched together and took care of all the kids and it worked out so perfectly. All of the kids were angels on the airplane rides to and from. Claire was in awe. It was magical. We can't wait to go back. For now we will dream of princesses and Minnie... And for sure we will be planning a princess birthday party for this girl.