Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ema's swing

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Cheeky Grin

We are having a hard time watching the beautiful girl grow up so fast.
We dropped her crib yesterday because she has been pulling herself up on her toys, she will be standing holding her bed rails in no time.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cousin Cameron!

Claire now has 6 cousins! Cameron is her second cousin on Daddy's side.
We went to visit him for the first time, and boy did she love him, we all did.

Daddy was a little rusty on the newborn front... What a difference holding a 6 pound baby compared to Claire's 17 pound rolls!

Boy, do I miss this non stop sleepy, cuddly, newborn baby stage.

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Beach Babe

Claire's first trip to the beach was surely an eventful one! Full of no naps, sleepless nights, teething, and fun in the sun!
We went to Melbourne Beach, Florida for a whole week.
She did quite well on the flight to and back, but she protested the car rides to and from the airport, go figure.

Before this trip Claire would sit perfectly still in one spot, playing with her toys and not having any need to move.
This first day to the beach she decided to attempt to crawl...and face planted in the sand.
She doesn't really try to crawl anymore..."I'm fine right here thankyouverymuch."

Some much needed mommy time after a mouthful of sand.

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Gator Nation

Cousin Colin and Claire in their gator gear...
how sweet is he? Looking so studious and loving.
What a great big cousin he is.

Go Gators!
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Grammy time

Golf cart rides... the highlight of Claire's trip.

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What a surprise!

Ema and Pa surprised us in Florida! They came to visit us on our third day of vacation.

Needless to say...Claire was ecstatic.

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Pool time

Claire's first experience in the pool was a dud. It was cold and breezy, and to top it all off she was sleepy AND teething. She was not a fan. So the next say when it was warm and sunny, we tried again...

A little better...

Starting out slow was key...

By the end of the week she LOVED it!
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Florida Fun

Story time with Uncle Shu

Laughs for Aunt Jessie

The sunset is beautiful in Florida. We gather up some beers in a cooler and take it down to the pool which butts up right next to the Indian River. It is beautiful. Luckily this girl had a late nap and was able to enjoy with with us.

Beach Bum!
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