Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

dress up

We had brunch at Aunt Jessie's house today with friend's Chelsea and Brett. Claire tried on Aunt Jessie's veil, and boy oh boy was that a wake up call. We are already saving for that big day....ugh.
My baby girl is growing right before our eyes. Where is the pause button?!

Just this week I have had FIVE people tell me that Claire has my eyes... and that she looks more like a Tremper these days...
oh to hear those words! I have waited almost 2 years to get even a small resemblance of myself in my daughter. I see it too... looking back at baby photos especially, our features are very similar at this age.
Now if only #2 will have some part of me show up in him as well.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Claire and mommy have been a little under the weather the last week... we just can't seem to kick this cough we have going on. And Aunt Jessie wasn't feeling well today so we had the perfect excuse to whip up a double batch of snickerdoodle cookies... do we need an excuse?

We shared about 4 cookies when we were done, and we will share the rest with Jessie, since they are her favorite.

little miss painter

I had a surprise waiting for me the other evening when I got home from work... 
Claire and daddy worked very hard to paint little brother's room!
How nice :)

"whoa dude"

teething baby + contracting mommy = lying on the couch all day watching Finding Nemo.
This is a little something we learned today.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

First pedicure

Baby girl was very interested in mommy painting her toes... She helped me remove polish, file and cut, and watched closely with each coat. I asked if she wanted pink nails too, and boy was she excited! She sat on her stool the whole time and never moved! I was so proud of her. Even when it was all done she had to sit and let them dry, and she did so well. Now all we need are pretty sandals to show these babies off!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Little helper

"I too" is the new phrase... She loves to feel like she is helping.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Country girl

playing with her baby chickens... in our backyard coup. 

best fwiends

Just look at how much my daughter loves this girl... it is the sweetest thing. 
They have known each other since before they could walk... about 8 months now. 
We honestly feel a void if we go a week without having a play date with Leila. The bond they share is so special and I am excited to see them grow together... their new thing...bows. And us mother's are ecstatic. Claire has always had a thing for girly stuff, but now she is so excited that her best friend wears them with her. They will point to each other's head saying "bow!" And they call each other beautiful.
 I could eat them both to pieces. :)

My Starbucks Date

Thank goodness for Organic milk boxes and greek yogurt at Starbucks... Mommy needed a pick me up after an early morning of taking my car to get worked on and dropping off daddy at work by 8am...
We had ourselves a little Starbucks date, and what do you know, Claire loves the place as much as I do. She waved and said "hi" to everyone who was coming in and going out of the door. 
I kind of felt bad leaving because everyone who was sitting around us drinking their coffee were smitten by her charm. What a ham.