Tuesday, July 12, 2011


don't you just want to eat them cheeks right off?
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Happy Birthday Liam and Lillie!

I cannot believe these precious babies are two!

And this is their personality captured in one frame. Love them.

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South Mountain Creamery

We went to South Mountain Creamery for Lillie and Liam's second birthday party this weekend.
The cows were mooing, the roosters were crowing, and the ice cream was delicious!

Lillie was so happy to see "baby Ca Jane."

Uncle Shu shared his watermellon with beanie...

she loved it so much she stole it.

Not too sure...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We celebrated the 4th of July all weekend long! Our festivities consisted of cookouts, pool parties, photo shoots and fireworks.
Which Claire Jane thoroughly enjoyed! She wasn't scared at all.
Here's a little bit of the fun we had...
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mmmmm corn on the cob
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Homemade popsicle

Claire's first popsicle!

Ema made homemade popsicles with natural fruit juice and needless to say, it was a hit.
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Tremper Cousin Portrait

Ema has these great plans to purchase matching outfits and have a cousin portrait. She does it for Christmas and once in the summer.
The idea is great, but this is what actually happens...
The kids don't sit still, throw fits, jump up and down, and I am laying on my stomach in the grass
trying to catch the perfect shot.

Personally, I prefer the candid shots anyway. They catch their personalities the best.

Ema's attempt at the Tremper Train...

Finally Pa had to pretend to make some magic, and these kids love Pa, so they sat in awe watching him.
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This was as good as it got! We love these little kiddos so much.
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This pool is for ladies ONLY

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We have ourselves a swimmer

Claire absolutely LOVES the pool. She reaches for it as soon as she sees it. Ema lays her on her tummy and tells her
to "kick kick kick"and this child kicks her feet and swims all over the pool.

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Bathing Beauties

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