Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The annual Tremper Halloween bash was held today, and boy did we have a great time!
Everyone came in costume...

This year Claire was the Little Red Riding hood and we were her Grandmother and the big bad wolf.

This was the only time she would wear her hood...

We decorated Ema's yummy pumpkin cookies, painted wooden masks, played pin the face on the mummy
and ate halloween food.

The kids were so cute...Dracula and his victim, Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Little Red Riding hood.

Pa got out his good 'ol magic ball trick and had the kids amazed.

Family photo...with my toddler fighting me tooth and nail.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gator Gear!

I busted out our Gator Gear this weekend...

This shirt is a 3T!! How big does she look in jeans and a t-shirt?!
I'm tempted to just bag them. . . I don't like her looking so old!

Gator twins we are!
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New Room!

We recently moved Claire from a smaller, bright pepto-pink room to a larger more subtle peach room right across from ours.
We had a bunch of paint left over from our old house and decided to try and recreate what we had goin' on there.

I just couldn't throw away the paper garland I had made for her first birthday party...
so I decided to hang it in her room.
What a perfect fit.
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Mummy's Girl

I am a sucker for cute holiday clothes.
I don't know why really...she can only wear them for a short period of time.
But I LOVE the cute little shirts with sayings like this one.
It is so fitting for lil miss, too.

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Book Worm

We started reading to Claire when she was about 4 months old. It became our ritual before nap times and bed time.
I don't know if an early exposure to reading is what had made her love books so much, but she sure does love to read.

We have a TON of toys... but Claire would much rather sit and read every one of her books rather than play.

She will literally pull each and every book off of the shelf and turn each individual page until she goes through them all.

Her new "thing" is identifying pictures in books.
If you ask her to point to the cow, she will.
It is so cute, hopefully I can catch it on video and post it soon.

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Friday, October 21, 2011


This girl loves to dance. . . I don't even know why, but for some reason a Beyonce concert was on our tv and I grabbed my video camera as fast as I could to catch Claire mimicking her dancing. I was trying so hard to hold the camera steady as I was about to pee my pants laughing. Please disregard the cloth diaper liners she threw all over the living room floor. . . .

Animal Sounds

She doesn't really "bark" like a dog, or "meow" like a cat, but Claire can "chomp" like an alligator, "buzz" like a bee, "click" like a dolphin and recently started "huffing" like a rhino. . .
such an odd child.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super Claire

We had some dear friends over this past weekend and Claire immediately took a liking to Loren.
Probably because her and I are twins...
Either way, Claire wanted to be held by her and play with her.

Loren picked Claire up and flew her around the house...big mistake.
That was it, and she had to keep flying her around the rest of the night.
Claire LOVED it.

I have tried to do it since then, and it's just not the same as when Loren did it.
Here's a little video for her giggles...
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


If there is one thing my daughter got from me, it is her love for babies.
She has always squealed with delight whenever there was an infant in view.

Most recently she has found a love for her baby dolls.
She will play with and love on all of them, but these two in particular are her favorites.

This Madame Alexander doll baby's eyes open and close, and she can sit for hours doing it.
This happens to be my favorite baby of hers too because I was given the same baby doll from my grandmother when I was a child.
I loved it to pieces.

She obviously loves hers just as much as I loved mine.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


My absolute favorite shop for kids is Gymboree. They have the CUTEST clothes, and all sorts of different sets to buy that all match in some way. They have the best socks and tights too. And their sizing works for a looong time!
They have spans of sizing like 12-18months and 18-24months.
I find that they fit for the longest time and they aren't as time specific like 18 OR 24 months,
which is what Claire fits into these days, depending on the brand.

I never get to buy anything there because it is pretty pricey, but if you can catch a sale, you can get a deal.
This outfit was my first splurge on my bean....ever.
I have only bought things for her on Etsy or an occasional sale item.
I never really buy her clothes or toys, she has plenty. And if I do, they are from yard sales or consignment shops.
What's the point in spending all of the money when she is going to ruin it?(spit up, poop, food, grass stains, etc.)
Because this was just TOO darn cute, that's why.
It is the perfect fall dress and tights, and will be even better around Christmas time.
Daddy didn't like the price tag, but he just can't resist this girl in it!

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Wild bath hair

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First Haircut

Aunt Jessie gave Claire her first haircut at her house.
It was time to get rid of the baby mullet she was trying to pull off.
Claire was a little nervous, so everyone tried to distract her...

with books...



even Lucy June kisses...

Those things helped for just the right amount of time, then she lost it.
Next time we will have to go to Aunt Jessie's shop so she is distracted by the atmosphere around her.
Hopefully this little snip will help her hair grow!
I am ready for pig tails and bows.
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