Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tremper Family Easter

Easter at Ema and Pa's house is an occasion that we look forward to every year.
First the kids get to find their Easter baskets that the Easter bunny hid for them,
then they get to find the easter eggs that the bunny hid for them in the yard.

Of course we blow some bubbles from the bunny...

Claire was a little young this year for all the searching, but Ema took her along anyway!
She found some eggs as she rode along the grass in her car.

She sure loved it!

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Ema and Pa's Basket

More bunnies...

We love bunnies!

Thank you Ema!
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Our First Easter as Three

First time in the grass...

okay...I'm done, pick me up mommy!
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Happy Easter!

Claire's first Easter was so much fun. She LOVED her easter baskets, both from Mommy and Daddy and Ema and Pa.
She tore right into them and pulled everything out. She got lots of bunnies...which are her favorite!

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Exersaucer fun

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nakey Lady

It was so warm that we stripped Claire down before bath, she had so much fun being nakey.

G-baby! We recently switched to cloth diapers and wouldn't go back. I don't know what took us so long... Claire has never been drier, and her tush has never been cuter!
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Smiles for daddy

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Spring is here!

It was so warm this week that we were able to sit outside on the deck and have dinner. Claire loved the fresh air.

We have ourselves a puff-a-holic...If she even sees the puff jar, she will squeal until you open them up and give her some. She is finally perfecting her graceful pick up and transfer to the mouth. She is currently favoring her right hand with picking up puffs...but who knows just yet!

And this is the new scrumptious smile. She wrinkles her nose and shows those teeth. We eat her every night with a spoon. She is so yummy.
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