Saturday, January 19, 2013


Oh the hunt for preschool... It's bitter sweet. I am so excited for this next phase in our lives full of friends, crafts, and learning new things. But I am so sad my baby girl is growing up so fast! This past Friday we took a tour of 2 preschools in our area, daddy took the morning off of work and we went as a family to check them out. It was so nice.
The first school we looked at was saint James in mount airy. It was a nice little school with bright open classrooms and such an inviting environment. We loved almost every thing about it.
The second school we checked out was Montgomery Methodist children's center. This preschool was a little larger and accommodated kindergarten students as well. It was an older building but still had a great feel with a VERY helpful and welcoming director. It was a really hard decision but we decided to go with this school because of the strong religious teachings they offer. With prayers before snack, bible stories/songs, and memorization of bible passages each month, the choice was easy for us. This preschool will help us develop a solid faithful background for her to build on as she grows. The registration works as a lottery, so we are praying she gets a spot!

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