Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Happy birthday to my favorite girl. Wow, two. Already? Boy oh boy has time flown. I am unbelievably happy with the toddler i get to call my daughter. I have never met such a sweet, kind, caring little girl. We are entering the world of "no", "mine" and "I do it myself"... I am praying my little bean stays as sweet as ever during this transition to true toddlerhood. Most of all, I hope she instills her kind heart in her brother. What a wonderful day we had...mommy and daddy gave claire a new easel to practice her beautiful artwork. She had a visit from her best friend Leila, who brought the most adorable outfit from gymboree!, cupcakes and momma a latte! We had dinner at ema and pa's house and went to Jimmie cone for dessert with Liam and Lillie, whom ema dressed as woody and princesses! Grammy surprised Claire and made the trip to give her a dumbo! If you know anything about my girl, she LOVES dumbo. What a wonderful birthday she had, and we are looking forward to celebrating her big day again at her fairy birthday party!!

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