Monday, July 9, 2012


Here is our little fish in her ADORABLE gymboree suit. If you ask her what she is, she will tell you, "I'm a Fwamingo!
We have been spending a LOT of time at Ema and Pa's Pool... aka "Ema Pa Poo."
So much so that she has tan lines! This makes me nuts because we lather and lather her with lotion to protect her skin, yet after only 45 minutes of being outside she has a tan! 
That skin tone she got from the both of us... so it is our fault...

Claire is fearless...and we have initiated a new rule that she MUST wear floaties, aka, Ziggies when she is in the pool. She is jumping off the side of the pool all by herself now! I think she will be swimming by the end of Summer for sure. 

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