Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Party

Besides Christmas...and Halloween...and Mother's day....well, all of the holiday parties are a BLAST at the Tremper household. Ema and Pa always go all out for the kids and make it extra special. I am looking forward to the days ahead when Claire will be able to remember the fun times she has had on holidays.
They always start out the day with Easter baskets that the Easter bunny had left for the kids. Somehow...that bunny knew those grandbabies would be at their Ema and Pa's house on Easter.

Each year all of the kids get a bathing suit and hat for them to use that year at their pool
Claire got the cutest bumblebee bathing suit and hat!

My sweet Easter girl

All of the kids also have a tradition of getting a kite from the Easter bunny. Then we all go outside and try to fly them. This was pretty fun this year, all of the kids were into it.

Next, we had egg races. I couldn't believe how good the kids were at this! They kept their hard boiled eggs on their spoons and raced... They would have been happy doing this the rest of the day.

Potato sack races...

3 legged races...this was for the adults. And boy was it hysterical.

Daddy and Aunt Jessie lost horribly.

potato sack races for the adults... 

The funniest thing ever...

poor daddy lost again.

Then they had the famous Easter egg hunt. This year Ema and Pa wised up and just sprinkled the eggs all over the yard instead of hiding them. This has been a tradition in our family since I can remember. The Easter bunny always leaves eggs hidden inside for when you wake up, and eggs in the yard for later.

Come on Memorial day!...we can't wait for all the fun at the pool this year!

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