Wednesday, March 21, 2012


well we thought it was gone, the bug that is. Claire was feeling happy and chipper, a few tummy troubles here and there and still no appetite, but she was looking and feeling a whole lot better! Then daddy was up all was mommy, as his nurse. I stayed home from work all week with sicklings to take care of. How have I not gotten this yet?! knock on wood...
This morning Claire took another turn toward the nasty bug, and is a whole new clingy mess.
I hope we kick this thing soon!
I am sorry for those we have been around, I hope you too don't get sick!
Because I am a nurse, and a mom, and I try so hard to be compassionate and responsible, I feel as though I am my child's only voice. So, when we are sick, we lock ourselves up in our home and keep it to ourselves so no one else gets sick. Also so we don't catch anything else...your immune system is at its weakest point when you are sick, so it is best to stay indoors and recoup.
I am hoping this is the last day of sick-ness in the Busbey house, I am ready to get outside and enjoy the sun.

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