Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 52

So I am stepping out of my "blog box" and I am going to start my own project 52.
It is a little project for photographers (which I am far from, but would like to get better...) where they are to take a photo each week for 52 weeks using a different theme each week.
The original website has a theme that that they use each week which you can see here.
Of course my theme will be Claire, why would I pick anything else?
So I am going to follow my favorite blogger who has done this for the past year, Shawna, and finish the same sentence about beanie each week, and take a fresh picture of her. (go ahead and click on the link to her site and prepare to spend hours on her blog. She is amazing, and we were separated at birth...I don't know how but we are the exact same person. for real.)
This is supposed to get me to use my camera more each week, but sometimes we are on the go and all I can do is grab my phone... so that will have to work.
I am hoping this will help me take more photos of our family and that way one day I will look back and see how we grew each week.

Here goes!

i love you because...
you are WILD!
with Bon Jovi hair, and a mean lion roar,
you have a crazy wild side and i only want more. :)

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