Sunday, October 9, 2011


My absolute favorite shop for kids is Gymboree. They have the CUTEST clothes, and all sorts of different sets to buy that all match in some way. They have the best socks and tights too. And their sizing works for a looong time!
They have spans of sizing like 12-18months and 18-24months.
I find that they fit for the longest time and they aren't as time specific like 18 OR 24 months,
which is what Claire fits into these days, depending on the brand.

I never get to buy anything there because it is pretty pricey, but if you can catch a sale, you can get a deal.
This outfit was my first splurge on my bean....ever.
I have only bought things for her on Etsy or an occasional sale item.
I never really buy her clothes or toys, she has plenty. And if I do, they are from yard sales or consignment shops.
What's the point in spending all of the money when she is going to ruin it?(spit up, poop, food, grass stains, etc.)
Because this was just TOO darn cute, that's why.
It is the perfect fall dress and tights, and will be even better around Christmas time.
Daddy didn't like the price tag, but he just can't resist this girl in it!

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