Monday, September 5, 2011

A Bumble Bee birthday

We celebrated Claire's birthday with a bumble bee party.
We made a wall just for her with photos from birth to one.
Daddy wanted to take it down after the party, along with all of the other decorations, but I think we will
keep it up for a while. It is nice to look at photos of our little baby as we pass through the kitchen.

Our bumble bee princess.

And that was the only moment she wore her headband. She loves headbands and bows, placing them
on her head when she finds them, but as soon as she does she takes them off.
We will be working on this...

Claire's first gift for her party was form Aunt Jessie and Uncle Shu.

An awesome princess tent, we can hardly keep her out of it.

Happy Birthday to you is now one of Claure Jane's favorite songs.

A little unsure...

"umm I am not so sure I like this mommy.."

She sat for a while just looking at it and pawing the icing off, until Pa couldn't
resist anymore and tried to give her a bite.

"eh, this isn't so bad after all..."

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